Body Contouring Before & After Photos

This patient is a 20/yr African-American woman whose primary presentation complaint saw her unusually prominent abdomen that developed after childbirth. This gave her a perpetually ” pregnant look”. The source of her problem is what is called rectus diastasic. It is caused by over stretch of the abdominal muscle layer most commonly as the result of pregnancy. In almost every abdominoplasty most surgeons including myself tighten the abdominal muscles to help improve the contour of the waist line but in these cases extra steps must usually be taken to tighten and support these loose abdominal muscles. Sometimes the repairs but be supported by on-lay mesh or biologic materials to add strength to the repairs as we would do in abdominal hernia cases. In executing this young girl’s case the umbilicus had to be removed to complete the repair. A new “neoumbicicus” is to be created for the patient as a simple office procedure if the patient desires.

This patient is a 35y/o hispanic female who has had seven children. Her and her husband saw at least 6 plastic surgeons in consultation before they decided on me because of my 360 degree approach. I performed an abdominoplasty, extensive circumferential liposculpting of her waist and back and fat grafting to her buttocks and lateral hips to dramatically change the shape of her waist and hip area. I feel this case is one of the most representative examples of my approach. Her hips turn from this unattractive mom of seven shape to the “Hot Latin” look. Matt, Im pretty sure there are a lot of woman out there that would want to have these curves.

This is a 28 y/o Hispanic female who has had 2 children. She desired to improve her entire waistline and improve the projection and contour of her buttocks. In comparing the before and after photos you can see the drastically improved hip to waistline ratio that yields a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This is a 46y/o Hispanic female who underwent an abdominoplasty and extensive liposculpture of the waistline plus fat grafting to the buttocks to improve fullness and contour.

This is a 29y/o female presented with a a large abdominal panniculus after previous childbirth and recent weight loss. She also desired correction of breast ptosis and hypertrophy. She underwent a Bilateral Mastopexy and an Abdominoplasty with circumferential Liposculpture of her waistline.

This is a 31y/o female who has two children and complained of lax abdominal skin, numerous stretch marks and lipodystrophy around her waist line. She also complained of breast ptosis and moderate hypertrophy of her breasts that created neck and back discomfort. She underwent a bilateral mastopexy, abdominoplasty with circumferential liposculpture of her waist line and fat grafting of her buttocks to improve contour and fullness.

This patient is a 36y/o female who presented with abdominal lipodystrophy and problematic vertical and horizontal abdominal scars. The scars were from a previous c-section and previous gyn surgery. The patient also desired an abdomen with an athletic muscular contour as she was an avid runner. Through a lipoabdominoplasty procedure I was able remove the vertical scar problem and hide the new transverse abdominal scar much lower to allow the patient to more easily conceal the scar with even revealing lingerie. The patient was given a more athletic abdominal contour by sculpting to abdominal to enhance the appearance of the rectus muscle contour.

This is a 30y/o female with two children who complained of postpartum loss of fullness in her breast and skin laxity and muscle stretch of her abdomen after childbirth. She underwent a bilateral breast augmentation with 350cc silicone breast implants and an abdominoplasty.

This patient is a 28y/o female who presented with significant lipodystrophy in her hips and buttock from weight gain after two previous pregnancies. She underwent a Lipoabdominoplasty and extensive Liposculpture on her hips and thighs. Postoperatively the patient dieted and exercise aggressively. Through surgery to shape the areas and her own hard work an impressive improvement in the problem areas was obtained.

This patient is a 30y/o female with two children who desired to correct the changes to her waistline from previous pregnancies. She underwent our “360 New Me” body contouring procedure of lipoabdominoplasty, circumferential liposculpture of the waistline and fat transfer to the buttocks for augmentation and recontouring. As seen from multiple angles she has a great result! The procedure drastically changed the contour of her abdomen, hips and buttocks into a much more attractive appearance.

This is a 49y/o Hispanic female who complained of lack of breast fullness, and lipodystrophy of her abdomen, flanks and back. She underwent a bilateral breast augmentation, Lipoabdominoplasty and circumferential liposculpture of her flanks and back.

This is a 35 y/o Hispanic female who presented with severe postpartum changes of her abdomen and atrophic contour deformities of her buttocks. She underwent a lipoabdominoplasty with circumferential liposuction and shaping of her waistline in a 360 degree fashion and augmentation of her buttocks by fat grafting.

This is 30y/o spanish female with typical postpartum changes her abdomen and a lipodystrophy circumferentially of her waist line. She underwent an abdominoplasty, circumferential liposculpture of her waist and fat grafting to her buttocks.

This is a 44y/o female with signifiant central trunk lipodystrophy leading to a loss of contour of the waistline. She underwent an abdominoplasty and aggresive liposculpture of the waist in a 360 fashion. Note improve circumferential contour of the waist from every angle.

This is a nice case of our 360 degree technique in a more obese patient with a very large abdominal paniculus. The multiple angle photos demonstrate how we did not just remove her paniculus but nicely recontoured her entire waist line.

This patient is a 49y/o female, two children and adult weight gain. Underwent Bilateral breast augmentation with Silicone moderate plus profile silicone breast implant along with abdominoplasty and circumferential Liposculpture.

This patient is a 29y/o woman who presented desiring a better contour to her waistline and a fuller improved shape to her buttock. She underwent liposculpture of her waist and fat grafting to her buttocks. Significant improvements in all areas are seen with a much more attractive postoperative contour of her waist and buttocks noted from multiple angles.

This patient is a 38y/o female who presented with complaints of several “back rolls” and other areas of lipodystrophy inner flanks and abdomen. She also complained of severe breast ptosis. She underwent a Bilateral Mastopexy and aggressive Liposculpture of her abdomen, flanks, and back. To specifically address the deep back rolls, the back was aggressively liposuctioned, The deep skin attachments creating the back rolls were surgically released and the deeps of the folds were fat grafted to help smooth the back.