Many women experience a descent of their breast and loss of fullness often as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or simple aging changes. Most women find these changes undesirable and wish to reclaim a more youthful projecting or “perky” breast.

Mastopexy (breast lift) accomplishes this desired look by lifting and repositioning the breast tissue and retailoring the skin to give the most attractive appearance. If the patient has lost substantial volume in her breast an implant can be easily added to give added projection and size. This procedure called Augmentation-Mastopexy can yield beautifully shaped breast that maintain their form and projection better over time than breast that are simply lifted without placement of an enhancing implant.

Mastopexy procedures often do require the placement of additional scars to allow the skin to be lifted and tightened. Minor lifts can often be accomplished with a simple scar around the areolar. If more laxity needs to be corrected additional scars maybe required. These usually consist of a vertical breast scar and/or a horizontal scar in the depths of the fold below the breast. The breast skin is relatively thin and yields very inconspicuous scars.