Patients who have lost significant amounts of weight after surgical procedures such as gastric bypass or lap band surgery are frequently left to deal with impressive amounts of loose lower truncal skin and residual fat rolls. Abdominoplasty procedures which address only frontal body excess skin and fat problems are inadequate to treat massive weight loss patients 360 degree needs.

Belt Lipectomy or (Lower Body Lift) can offer this patient group an impressive improvement in truncal body appearance. Belt lipectomy essentially removes the entire redundant ring of fat and skin which accumulates around the lower trunk with major weight loss. As would be expected this procedure does require a significant circumferential scar but the improvement in body appearance that is gained from the procedure makes most patients agree “it was worth it!”

The location of the surgical scars can be carefully designed to be easily hidden under lingerie or bathing suits. Belt Lipectomy often requires at least a 48 hour hospital stay for post operative supportive care. Patients’ activity levels usually progress nicely with most returning to typical work activities in 3-4 weeks.