Breast Reduction

Women can develop excessive fullness in their breast either as a result of natural genetic factors or as a result of weight gain. Patients presenting to my office requesting breast reduction often have a combination of both of these issues.

The degree of physical discomfort and limitation experienced by women with breast hypertrophy can be dramatic. Patients often complain of back pain, muscle tightness in the neck and shoulder muscles, pain in the area of the bra straps and frequent headaches. Most women are severely limited in their ability to perform aerobic activity to help control their weight and maintain their cardiovascular fitness.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to both reduce the size of the breast and to lift the breast tissue that is preserved to a more ideal, youthful position. The surgery requires some visible scars that fade beautiful over several months. Sensation to the nipple areolar area is well preserved in most cases.

Most patients can return to normal daily home and work activities in a matter of 5-10 days.