Thigh Lift

Patients commonly present with two major issues related to their thighs; excessive fat and loose redundant skin. When skin tone is good, excessive fat can easily be removed by various liposuction procedures. When skin overlying the thigh is lax and redundant liposuction of either the inner or outer thigh areas will be very unsuccessful.

Skin laxity in the outer thigh is usually corrected as part of a much larger procedure for weight loss patients such as belt lipectomy or lower body lift, but many patients present with lateral thigh skin laxity issues that appear to be related to poor skin elasticity. In these patients, a thigh lift can be designed as part of an extended tummy tuck procedure.

Skin laxity of the inner thigh is corrected by direct excision of the excess skin and fat. The most common design for this surgery involves the use of a vertical scar that runs from the groin to just above the knee on the inner aspect the leg. Scars that are hidden strictly in the groin can sometimes be used for patients with more modest inner thigh issues.

Although some inner thigh lift procedures can be performed as an outpatient procedure, patients requiring more extensive procedures often require at least one overnight hospital stay. Patients are usually able to return to typical daily work activities within two weeks.