Latisse is one of the most exciting beauty products to be introduced in recent years. Women have long desired longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Until now, only the allusion of fuller lashes could be achieved through the use of cosmetics. With the introduction of Latisse, longer, more beautiful lashes can be achieved naturally with this safe, FDA approved topically applied product.
The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoporst 0.03%, a medication that has been safely used for many years to treat glaucoma. Patients using this medication on a long term basis were widely noted to develop longer, fuller and darker lashes. The developers of Latisse have now taken this very same medication in a much diluted form and produced a topical product that is simply painted onto the upper lashes on a nightly basis. Although the onset of changes to the lashes is gradual, the majority of patients using Latisse noted significant improvement in the appearance of their lashes within two months.
The longer lash effect created by Latisse continues as long as the product is applied. Once the lash lengthening effect has been achieved many patients find that every day application is often not required. Patients who stop applying Latisse will see their lashes gradually return to their pretreatment appearance.
Latisse can only be obtained through a licensed physician who carefully instructs the patient in the proper use of the product, assures that no contraindication exists and provides a resource for any patient questions or concerns related to the medication. Patients interested in obtaining more information concerning this exciting new product should contact our office for a consultation.