S Back

What makes a woman’s backside sexy and attractive? It’s not just the shape of the buttocks, but the relationship between the shape of the buttocks, the waistline and the hips. All need to be in perfect balance to get the “wow” effect. This concept was poorly understood or unappreciated by aesthetic surgeons until recently. Now with not only the ability to make the waistline and hips smaller through liposuction, but also the ability to augment and reshape the buttocks through fat transfer the full potential of the cosmetic improvement that can be offered to patient’s backsides has been realized.
So what draws your attention to particular buttocks as being “attractive”? I personally feel the single most significant factor is how ideal is the woman’s backside S-shape curve. This curve is achieved when a concave, narrow waistline meets a round, youthful appearing buttocks.
Many patients commonly present with overly full waist and hip areas that overpower and mask the patient’s buttock shape. Excessive fat especially in the waist and flank areas can make the buttocks of even youthful patients appear flat, elongated and frankly “old”.
But here is the wonderful surprise! This problem fat in the waist, hips and abdomen areas can now be part of the solution to the problem. With aggressive liposuction of the problem waist, abdomen and hip areas and surgical transfer of the fat to the buttocks, a more ideal S-curve can be achieved in many patients.
How does buttock augmentation by fat transfer work?
First, fat is harvested under sterile conditions from the areas of problem excess as discussed above. The fat is next processed and concentrated in the operating room. Using very fine cannulas the fat is then strategically injected into the fat and muscle layers of the buttocks to obtain the desired shape and size.
Although results of fat transfer can vary from patient to patient, the procedure is usually very well tolerated and recovery time is relatively short. Patients desiring further augmentation can undergo a secondary transfer procedure at an interval of several months.
In many patients the goal of fat transfer is to achieve a more youthful buttock appearance than to purely increase the overall buttock size. As noted in the photos below, a loss of fullness and projection in the upper buttocks area can create the appearance of a short, abbreviated buttock shape that is relatively unattractive. By fat grafting to specific areas of deficiency, such as this upper buttocks region, the buttock shape can be transferred into a more youthful attractive shape.