Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss

Due to the large number of patients in this country who have successfully lost substantial volumes of weight through dieting and surgical methods, plastic surgeons have been called on in recent yeas to develop safe and aesthetically attractive procedures to help solve the surgical problems of this special group of patients.

Although every weight loss patient presents with different surgical challenges, many have common goals. Patients presenting for consultation are given a chance to discuss their personal weight loss journey in a relaxed, casual setting. Next a thorough evaluation of the patient’s problem areas is performed. Photos demonstrating typical pre and post operative results of the patient’s treatment options are then reviewed.

Many massive weight loss patients have multiple areas such as the face, trunk, and upper and lower extremities that would benefit from surgical treatment. For this reason there is often the need to develop a surgical strategy to solve numerous problems. I usually always encourage patients to first surgically correct the areas that trouble them the most. Often multiple problem areas can be treated in combination to help further speed the patient’s progress toward his or her desired ultimate goal.

Procedures commonly required by massive weight loss patents are listed below. Typical surgical results can be viewed in the photo gallery section of my web site:

  • Face / Neck Lift
  • Brachioplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Upper Body Lift
  • Belt Lipectomy (Lower Body Lift)
  • Thigh Lift
  • Liposuction