Otoplasty is the surgical correction of contour deformities of the external ear. Children are often born with poorly or malformed ear folds that lead to the ear having an abnormal appearance and projecting away from the head. In more severe cases, correction of the problem is encouraged as early as the age of 5 to minimize the volume of teasing from school classmates.

Surgical correction of prominent ears typically involves the use of small incisions placed in the fold behind the ear. Through this incision a series of surgical and suturing techniques are used to reshape and hold the ear cartilage in the desired shape. Post operatively patients are asked to wear a protective head band for at least two or more weeks to encourage uneventful healing of the surgical site.

Correction of overly prominent or misshapen ears at an early age can have a profound effect on a childs self esteem and confidence. Children whose ear deformities go uncorrected can often be the butt of jokes and taunting by classmates that can effect their self image, making them less confident and more withdrawn. Surgical correction of this seemingly small problem can sometimes have a largely positive effect on a childs life.